When a Prynt is more than a print.....


I'm more than two generations away from the newest fans of instant printing. In fact, I was hired into my first photo job at Kodak as they ramped to launch their short-lived Colorburst Instant Cameras and Film (1975!). That was when Polaroid was king of instant photography and would remain so until their bankruptcy in 2001 (unable to adjust to rapid digital disruption). If only they'd known that a new generation of enthusiasts was just around the corner!

Today, Fujifilm is the new king of instant photography, with their incredibly popular line of Instax cameras, film and printer. But, they are hardly alone. The licensee of the Polaroid brand has a popular portfolio of instant cameras, film and printers. Zink has developed innovative instant film technology used by many new instant camera and printer manufacturers. Impossible Project provides new generations of color and black and white films that work in legacy Polaroid cameras and newly-manufactured cameras.


Instant photography is definitely back, and not without some exciting new digital twists. Enter Prynt. No need for a dedicated instant camera. Prynt turns popular smartphones into instant cameras by way of a clever case that turns new photos into print or prints from your library of saved photos. And, from the author's perspective, this is not the most significant contribution. Prynt enables you to capture a short video and embed that video into an instant 'prynt." The video can be enjoyed using the Prynt app. Clever and important.

We can expect to see much more of embedded video content in prints in the months and years ahead.


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