Shutterfly Integrates This Life and WOW!

It's been a few years (2013) since Shutterfly acquired This Life, a slick photo management service. I was impressed with the photo management platform as a standalone service offered by Shutterfly, but increasingly concerned that it could not face a bright future in the face of determined competition from Google Photo, Amazon Prime Photo, Apple, Facebook/Instagram, Microsoft, etc.

With the launch of the "All New Shutterfly Photo," it's pleasing to see how Shutterfly has now migrated from a great online photo sharing and output service to the most comprehensive photo management platform for the mass market in the United States. From the author's perspective one cannot make that claim unless they offer integrated best-of-class output options. That's the area where Shutterfly reigns supreme.

temp-post-imageThe next urgent challenge for Shutterfly (indeed the photo industry) is to make the journey from inspiring photos on one's smartphone to inspirational product creation and fulfillment easy and delightful. With that accomplishment, Shutterfly will expand the market for photo output substantially.


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