Not your mother's photo prints....the future of personal photo printing.


Photo prints. They are ultra personal. My photos. My point-of-view. My expression. My life. No wonder we capture trillions and share and print billions every year. "Pre-digital" our prints revealed only the visual content that was exposed during film processing. Frequently those images implied a complete story (a picture being "worth a thousand words'). All too often, however, they failed to reveal the story within, behind, or adjacent to the image itself. Where was it captured. When. Who occupies the frame. Who captured the image. Today, there is no reason why the "story" cannot be revealed with all the richness that it deserves...for us and for future generations.

So, what will be revealed in tomorrow's personalized print, and how will it be offered and delivered?



  • Tomorrow's prints will be two-sided prints.

  • Tomorrow's prints will be printed on a broad variety of substrate weights and textures, and will meet standards that insure decades of image permanence.

  • Tomorrow's print will provide highly-automated ways to add the details that are embedded in every captured digital photo (e.g. time and location stamps), as well as the artificial intelligence (AI) that flawlessly recognizes people, places and things.

  • Tomorrow's prints will allow us to safely include personal messages anywhere we choose.

  • Tomorrow's prints will allow us to easily change borders, border colors or designs, and choose defaults, including fonts, and our personal signature, which add layers of personalization with little or virtually no effort.

  • Tomorrow's prints will never crop key subject matter because of image and print size aspect ratio variations, insuring ease and satisfaction on the product creation side, as well as unprecedented delight on the product satisfaction side.


  • Current digital presses and finishing equipment make it possible, along with thousands of substrate options, to print, package and ship nearly limitless options for on-demand personalized photo output.

  • Software advances, along with rapid advances in personal photo organization and management (including AI/Deep Learning, instantaneous product rendering, facial and scene recognition, and much more) have made it possible to automate the smart creation of highly-personalized products, while enabling the product creator to take as much control over the personalization as desired.

  • New generations of distributed printing technology (affordable, easy to operate and maintain, largely shopper-drive/self-service, and seamlessly connected via mobile) will enable retailers to offer more high-value, satisfying output experiences in-store in minutes.

  • Advances in manufacturing inefficiency and distribution sophistication will enable centralized print service providers to reach shoppers with ever-expanding portfolios of personalized photo output anywhere they live or work within 1-2 days.


  • It's begun already.

  • It will accelerate, exponentially, as soon as a major retailer substitutes digital press prints for traditional silver-halite prints, thus driving the necessary production scale to reduce per unit manufacturing costs.


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