Google just added the biggest funnel of all to Google Photo


Yesterday, I published a blog about "The All New Shutterfly Photo." It acknowledged their migration from a traditional online photo sharing and printing business to a comprehensive personal photo management platform for the mass market in the United States. Today, I have to recognize another great leap for all of us in the mass market who rather desperately need help organizing and managing our precious photos. That leap is PhotoScan by Google.

PhotoScan is an app that allows anyone with any smartphone to quickly and easily scan their shoebox and album photos. Not an easy thing to do well with a smartphone, but Google Photo scientists have used advanced software to compensate for the normal factors that would ordinarily make this less than satisfactory. I've spent happy hours now, feet up at my family room couch, scanning dozens and dozens of old pictures, with satisfying initial results. The real magic does not stop there, however. Because I use Google Photo and have it installed on my smartphone, the photos are automatically imported and instantly ready for me to edit, share, add to new or old albums, etc. Another huge problem solved! Thank you Google!


In the effort to make a photo platform the preferred destination for the greatest number of people, Google Photo has just added the biggest funnel of all. Trillions of the most important memories of generations are stored in showboxes and albums around the world. Until now there has been no easy (let alone free!) way to preserve, organize, share, and, yes, enable the easy creation of new generations of meaningful products that celebrate our personal histories.


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